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Authentic style Victorian Gingerbread Brackets
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Our brackets are made from the finest, clear solid woods. All brackets are cut from 13/16" stock and mounted on 1" x 3/4" frames, or wide deluxe frame (click here). Our scrolls are precision cut, and we guarantee our frames to be built on a true 90 degree angle. We also take special care to make sure or spindles are properly aligned and secure. All wood joints are secured with a waterproof glue to guard against moisture that may enter over time.

Victorian bracket and running trim

Our brackets are made from various types of woods, such as:

  1. Poplar (for interior or outdoor use in areas with minimal weather exposure). Standard pricing reflects this wood unless otherwise specified.

    (Optional woods listed below. Please request pricing.)

  2. Oak for staining (please request pricing)

  3. Cypress which takes paint well, and good for minimal weather exposure, or for interior use. Our cypress looks much like pine, but has more weather resistance.

BR 101-PVC
Victorian paired brackets

The small fan brackets and all our brackets may be placed in the corners of windows or cased openings to add warmth and charm to your surroundings. Brackets may also be used as shelf supports or may be used at the top of porch posts to enhance the look of your porch. When used on porches, the type of bracket chosen will depend upon the available length of the square at the top of the porch post, and personal preference in design. Small fan brackets may also be used in the corners of screen doors. By adding a section of running trim across the center of a screen door, and placing small brackets in the corners, a plain screen door can be transformed dramatically.

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