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Authentic style Victorian Gingerbread Corbels
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victorian gingerbread corbels

Corbels are more massive versions of brackets. They may be used anywhere that a bracket can be used, except where a delicate look is required. Because of their extra thickness, they are often used in applications requiring strength, such as in supporting a mantel shelf. They may also be placed in the corners of an entrance opening to create a distinguished, elegant look. Inside the home, they may be placed in the corners of cased door openings to add a subtle touch of charm. Build your own fireplace mantle, or we can do it for you.

Our corbels may be used in kitchens for supporting granite or marble island tops and counters. Crown molding effects may be added to top portion of those corbels not shown with crown.

Empire Woodworks Victorian Gingerbread corbels are built from laminations of 3/4" solid woods, using a waterproof glue. All surfaces are carefully sanded and ready for your staining or painting.

victorian gingerbread corbels

Some of the designs are available in different sizes than what are listed. Please email your specific size needs, and we will check to see if we can do it. When providing this information, please mention a size range that will work, since we may not have the exact size that you are needing

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