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Authentic style Victorian Gingerbread Corbels
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Victorian Gingerbread Corbels are more massive versions of brackets. Use corbels anywhere that a bracket can be used for a bolder statement. Corbels extra thickness allows their use in applications requiring strength, such as in supporting a mantel shelf. Corbels may be placed in the corners of an entrance opening to create a distinguished, elegant look. Inside the home, they may be placed in the corners of cased door openings to add a subtle touch of charm.

Victorian corbel Victorian Corbel Victorian Corbel
CO 200
more views
CO 201
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CO 204
17 "x12"x3"
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Victorian Corbel Victorian Corbel Victorian Corbel

The CO 203 profile
is available in many
lengths and heights.

Above size = 11-1/4" x 16" x 5"
Price each =$39.00

Please call for list of sizes,
or your exact needs.

CO 203
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CO 205
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Victorian Corbels, CO200, CO201, CO203, CO206, and CO208 are available in additional sizes. Please email your exact needs, for more information. We can vary the thickness on many of our corbels.

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