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Authentic style Victorian Gingerbread Gable Ornaments
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Victorian GIngerbread wooden gable ornaments Add warmth and charm to your home's gable! The plain gable ends of a home may be transformed significantly with the addition of one of our gable ornaments. Even a modern home will look brighter with one of these elegant designs placed at its roof peak.

Please call for exact pricing. When adding a gable ornament to a smaller opening such as a dormer, many of the designs shown may be modified slightly to reduce the outer frame dimension. This is often done when several ornaments of the same design are installed on a particular home.

Our gable designs are shown on a 45 degree angle. All the designs will adapt to most common roof pitches. Your specific roof pitch can be given to us in degrees, as "rise and run" or the method shown here, Either of these three measurements will allow us to build a gable ornament to fit your particular home. When using the illustrated method, it is recommended that it be done with two persons, and all measurements be double checked.

Our gable ornaments are built using a Douglas Fir frame with scroll work cut from cypress. These two woods have good outdoor ratings and will stand up to the elements when primed and painted thoroughly.

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