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Authentic style Victorian Gingerbread Gable Ornaments
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Our Victorian Gingerbread wooden Gable Ornaments are built to your exact requirements. It is for this reason that when ordering, all measurements should be checked carefully with a quality tape measure. See measuring for Gable Trim.

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GA 405

Frame length = 38"
Standard wood is a Douglas Fir frame with cypress scrolls.

Price = $110.00

wooden gable ornaments, quaility victorian gingerbread gables

GA 418 pictured right, is adaptable to all angles, and is a good choice for small gable ends or dormers. Standard wood is a Douglas Fir frame with cypress scrolls. Other woods are available as well as P.V.C..

Price = $145.00

Victorian Gable Ornamnent

GA 421 shown right, is the extended version of GA 418. The Balls are
1-1/4" diameter with
3/8" diameter dowels.
The frame length can be varied to your specific needs, though it may effect pricing.

This gable ornament works well on all roof angles.

Price as shown =$260.00

Victorian Gable Ornament
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