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Authentic style Victorian Gingerbread Gable Ornaments
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Our Victorian Gingerbread wooden Gable Ornaments are built to your exact requirements. It is for this reason that when ordering, all measurements should be checked carefully with a quality tape measure. See measuring for Gable Trim.

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GA 409
Frame = 34"
wooden gable ornaments, quaility victorian gingerbread gables
GA 410
Frame = 31"
wooden gable ornaments, quaility victorian gingerbread gables

GA 423 gable ornament pictured right measures approximately 64" along the angled frame. This length can be increased or decreased if specified. The height of the spindle trim is approximately 11-1/4" . The spindles may also be replaced with ball and dowel if requested.

Price as shown = $275.00

wood shown includes Douglas Fir frame with birch spindles and cypress scrolls

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