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Authentic style Victorian Gingerbread Running Trim
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BDT 506   4 1/2" tall   $8.00/foot BDT 506 TRIM
BDT 507   6" tall   $9.50/foot BDT 507 TRIM
BDT 508   9" tall   $12.55/foot BDT 508 TRIM
SPT 509   6-1/2" tall           $10.75/foot 

Also available 4-1/2" tall    $8.25/foot    photo
SPT 510   10" tall   $12.50/foot
3/4" diameter spindles, 1"wide rails
SPT 511   12" tall   $14.80/foot
3/4" diameter spindles, 1"wide rails

You do not need to order predetermined lengths of our trim. You may order any length which will work for your particular application. We do not charge extra for this, and it saves you having to order more than what you need. We can ship any length, however in situations requiring extra long runs (over 8 feet), we can precision dowel shorter sections together, or it is often better to divide the long section up with the use of a post drop. Extra long lengths require higher shipping charges as all carriers charge additional fees for over size packages. To see a Postdrop, click here. The dowel screw inserted at the top makes installing a breeze. Just locate the center, drill a small hole, and twist the post drop until it pulls up snuggly to the ceiling element.

When you order our trim to your exact opening size, we make certain that the spindles are equally spaced from each end of the finished length. This means that you do not need to do any cutting. This applies to sections requiring post drops as well. Your trim is shipped to you labeled for the opening for which it is intended and ready to finish and install.

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