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Authentic style Victorian Fretwork Spandrels
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Victorian Fretwork Spandrel Victorian Fretwork Spandrel

Fretwork spandrels are produced by carefully combining brackets and running trim to form a single unit. Some have a symmetrical center scroll design to enhance their effect. Though fretwork spandrels are generally more expensive than brackets alone, or simple running trim, they are the most dramatic way of adding charm and elegance to porch areas or interior openings, such as window and door casements.

All spandrels have 13/16" thick fretwork on a 1-1/4" frame. Great care is taken to ensure that ends are square and spindles are properly spaced.

Pricing on our spandrels are based upon a Paint grade wood. Other woods are available. Let us know where the spandrel will be used or whether you need a stainable item. We do not price any of the spandrels under a 6 foot length, even though some can be built less than 6 feet. Example: A 39" length would cost the same a 72" length.

We have Cypress, Poplar, oak, and poplar available. Most pricing shown based upon poplar.

Spandrels may also be attached to ceilings or ceiling beams as a visual partition separating two living areas which are not separated by walls. In homes where kitchens and dining areas are separated by a counter only, a spandrel may be placed directly above the counter to produce a visually pleasing separation between the two areas.

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